What is Edyoos?

Edyoos facilitates the ability to select the exact parking space before arriving at your business.

During peak hours parking can become a nightmare! Edyoos handles everything, you do not have to worry about anything.

How it works


Find and compare garages and rates


Pre-pay to reserve your spot


Follow the directions on your parking pass

Why Edyoos

  • Reduce
    • - Time to wait for a good parking space
    • - Car pile ups
    • - Parking wait time
  • Create
    • - Ease of use
    • - Platform connecting customers to parking space
    • - Extra Revenue for parking lot owners
    • - Profit from high in demand spaces
    • - Parking reservation system
  • Eliminate
    • - Searching for parking
    • - Wasted profit area
    • - Customers dissatisfaction
    • - Lost business of parking hassles
  • Raise
    • - Ability to park in premier locations
    • - Customers able to find good sparking spaces.

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