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About Us:

Edyoos is pronounced “educe”, because our goal is to develop and bring out your business profits while helping enrichyour customers experience.

Edyoosis pronounced “educe”

Edyoos headquarters is located in South Florida and provides reserved parking across the United States. Edyoos was founded in 2015 with the vision of becoming the industry’s leading reserved parking resource. The company has strong values in being a business that operates above board. Edyoos is committed to providing an innovative service to the public while helping business owners increase their revenue.

Edyoos provides your customers the experience of hassle free parking; while providing your business with extra income. Edyoos reserved parking allows your customers to select the exact parking space they want before arriving at your business. During peak hours parking can become a nightmare! Most people become frustrated with parking, but with Edyoos they can zip into your Edyoos reserved space with no hassle. All businesses want to utilize available parking space to attract customers. With Edyoos reserved parking you can maximize profits in your most desired parking spaces, while providing the customer with a convenient service. Edyoos drives customers to your business.

Edyoos handles everything, you do not have to worry about anything. It's so simple for you and your patrons! We install and manage the Edyoos signs for each parking space. Customers can either select and pay for their desired parking space before arriving or on site both from their personal mobile device. All customers will be directed to the Edyoos team for any questions or help needed.

What does the Edyoos sign do for your business?

the Edyoos sign
  • Guarantee customers the parking space of their choice, while providing a much-desired service.
  • Increase your profits with no extra work on your part.

Rent your space for high demand parking:

All customers want guaranteed, no hassle parking, let Edyoos provide that to them for you.

How it Works:

Advanced Edyoos Parking:

  • Customer wants to park at a certain location
  • Locates parking space on before arriving on site
  • Reserves parking space on for desired time before arriving at location.
Edyoos allows you to reserve and pay for your parking space before arriving at your destination from the Edyoos website. It’s easy and fast to find, pay, and park!

On Site Parking:

  • Customer arrives on site at desired location
  • Pulls into a vacant Edyoos marked space
  • Customers reserve the parking space for the desired time frame they want at
No need to circle the parking lot waiting for a good spot anymore! Park in any vacant Edyoos space and reserve it from your car using the Edyoos website.

When you have the Edyoos smart parking sign at one or more of your parking spaces, you not only provide a service to your customer but you advertise to the potential consumers. When someone wants a parking space and goes to our website to find it, your business will be the first thing they notice when they park. Prime locations for tourists will always have a high demand for parking.

Edyoos has a sign at every desired parking space along with being linked to our user-friendly website where they can purchase the space and allotted time for their needs. The website will then give them directions to the parking space bringing existing; and new customers to you easily.