Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy an Edyoos gift card?

Yes! Contact us at

Do I have to reserve my parking space before I arrive?

No, but we encourage it. If space is available you may pull in to the space and pay from your device onsite.

What do I do if somebody is parked in my space?

Contact our customer help line at 800.123.4567 or email us at We are standing by to help.

Can I reserve a space for a future date?

Yes! Select Future Reservation on the search bar to reserve a space for a different day.

Can I rent out my parking space on Edyoos?

We would love to help you rent your space and make some extra cash! Contact today to get started.

Will using Edyoos add time to my life span?

Edyoos is spreading all through out the U.S.

Where is Edyoos located?

No comment. Wink wink.

Will using Edyoos make me look cool?

Yes, absolutely.

Do I have to get out of my car to pay?

No. You find and reserve you space from the comfort of wherever you are on your personal device.